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5.0 completed on April 12, 2021

Reviewed by Renee D. for Roberto Tortorici

I was extremely pleased with the service that I received from Rob. He was respectful, attentive, sensitive, proactive, honest, committed, amongst many other things. Rob conducts himself as a professional with integrity. At several points in the process, challenges presented themselves and Rob spearheaded them. He took on the burden of the issue rather than putting it on me, his client. I am so appreciative of his support and perseverance, amongst many other things and would recommend him to all.

5.0 completed on April 6, 2021

Reviewed by Anthony C. for Roberto Tortorici

Clark, NJ
Rob was on top of everything . Thanks for all your help .

4.4 completed on April 6, 2021

Reviewed by Ralph S. for Roberto Tortorici

Manchester, NJ
Rob did his best

5.0 completed on April 3, 2021

Reviewed by Melissa R. for Roberto Tortorici

This is actually the second time we have refinanced with Rob !! He is very dedicated and always makes the process so easy, and keeps us informed every step of the way. He has helped us to save some money yet again, and we are truly grateful!!!

5.0 completed on March 29, 2021

Reviewed by Abhishek S. for Roberto Tortorici

Buying a house is a big decision and I am glad that I met with Rob who made the experience so smooth. He carefully studies the situation of the client and provides different mortgage options that best suits the needs. I have to say that considering I was a first time buyer, he made our buying experience so smooth and was always available to provide his guidance and expert advice whenever needed. He also went beyond to make sure all steps are carefully executed so as to have a clear closure.

5.0 completed on March 29, 2021

Reviewed by Linna A. for Roberto Tortorici

This is the 3rd closing Rob has done on my property. The last two were extremely complex and he got them done. Rob always takes the time, as complex as the issue may be, to resolve it and move on to the next step. I'm looking forward to working with Rob on my next loan. Great customer care.

5.0 completed on March 17, 2021

Reviewed by Matt C. for Roberto Tortorici

Well for one he smells amazing! But not only that he’s awesome to work with! Rob for president!

5.0 completed on February 23, 2021

Reviewed by Joette P. for Roberto Tortorici

Rob was a great communicator and also addressed my concerns! In addition, there were some obstacles that occurred during the process and Rob make sure that they were resolved quickly. Excellent service provided by Rob.

5.0 completed on February 20, 2021

Reviewed by Jonathon I. for Roberto Tortorici

This was my first time getting a loan and working with Rob was absolutely an easy and pleasant experience. Rob went out of his way to help me with all the paperwork that was needed and throughly explained the break down of the entire loan process. He was available any time that I needed to call him night or day.

5.0 completed on February 10, 2021

Reviewed by Judith V. for Roberto Tortorici

Rosedale, NY
Roberto is very friendly, he made our transaction seamless and with a great attitude along with his easygoing personality. He communicated with us from the beginning. Middle and end of transaction he is an asset to this reputable company. Thanks for his professionalism, thanks to you all.

5.0 completed on February 4, 2021

Reviewed by Michael L. for Roberto Tortorici

My experience with Roberto was very pleasant. He guided my wife and I in a professional manner and with positive energy . During our process Roberto made sure to be direct and answered all of our questions which gave us reassurance that we were doing the right thing! Even when we ran into minor issues or delays he made it his duty to smooth things out the best way he knew how. I overall would recommend Roberto to anyone who is in need of a great financial advisor!

5.0 completed on February 3, 2021

Reviewed by Tyler S. for Roberto Tortorici

Great experience, Rob was extremely helpful every step of the way! 10/10 would recommend again.

5.0 completed on January 28, 2021

Reviewed by Thomas M. for Roberto Tortorici

It was a pleasure working with Rob, he made our home buying experience easy and pain free. As a first time home buyer he answered all my questions and was very easy to talk to. Rob always got back to me in a timely fashion. Overall he made my first mortgage a great experience.

5.0 completed on January 27, 2021

Reviewed by tmelch08731 for Roberto Tortorici

It was a pleasure working with Rob, he made our home buying experience easy and pain free. As a first time home buyer he answered all my questions and was very easy to talk to. Rob always got back to me in a timely fashion. Overall he made my first mortgage a great experience.

5.0 completed on January 21, 2021

Reviewed by Joe P. for Roberto Tortorici

Working with Rob was great as usual. He answered all of my questions throughout the refinancing process and was always quick to respond. He helped make the whole process, from application to closing, very easy and straightforward. Highly recommend

5.0 completed on January 13, 2021

Reviewed by Candace L. for Roberto Tortorici

Ewing, NJ
Rob very clearly and patiently walks us through this process and makes it a breeze! Second time we've worked with him; Rob feels like family. I recommend him and his NJ LENDERS team whenever I can. Give him a call, I guarantee you will be happy you did!

5.0 completed on January 6, 2021

Reviewed by Al A. for Roberto Tortorici

Rob made the process very smooth and kept thing moving along. Very pleased! I do recommend him!

5.0 completed on December 29, 2020

Reviewed by Joyce P. for Roberto Tortorici

Rob was very informative and easy to discuss questions with. He was responsive to all questions and honest about costs and time it would take to complete the process.

5.0 completed on December 24, 2020

Reviewed by Steven S. for Roberto Tortorici

Tuckerton, NJ
Rob’s personal attention and care through out the entire process.

5.0 completed on December 21, 2020

Reviewed by Takeisha B. for Roberto Tortorici

Rob is smart, takes action quickly, very responsive and tells it like it is. Great guy. He's got my business and my family's going forward. He remained a focal point for the entire process and did his best to make the process as painless as possible.

5.0 completed on December 20, 2020

Reviewed by Ronald E. for Roberto Tortorici

Robert was by my side throughout the whole process especially when in came to closing. Very quick on his feet feet to solve any issues with getting loan approved. Cool guy to seal the deal.

5.0 completed on December 11, 2020

Reviewed by Rafal S. for Roberto Tortorici

Rob was great to work with! He was friendly, helpful and very honest from the beginning. Rob always made time to return calls/emails and answer any questions we had. He demonstrated extreme professionalism and knowledge of the process either it is refinancing or buying. Since we got good experience right from the beginning, we recommended our friend use him as well, and we all ended very happy. Highly recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to refinance or buy.

5.0 completed on December 11, 2020

Reviewed by Jaclyn S. for Roberto Tortorici

Stockholm, NJ
The process of my Refinance was seamless with Rob! He is approachable, outgoing and always answered all my questions promptly! He made it a great experience especially during such a challenging time during COVID-19. I would recommend Rob to all my family and friends ! Thanks again Rob for all that you did ! Greatly appreciated !

5.0 completed on December 10, 2020

Reviewed by jenna F. for Roberto Tortorici

We started the process to buying our forever home with Roberto. What I thought would be a simple back and forth transaction to buying a home, turned into something more. He became more like a friend to us, he was there every step of the way. There was aggravation, there were days we would chat about our families for a few while I was looking for documents, there were laughs, and cries on my end and probably his lol. Buying a home is a stressful process, but we are forever grateful to Rob for e

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